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chat room
Hello all,
i wish to post a quick note regarding the chat room today.
A user logged on and entered the site, he quickly began a conversation with me, the information that he gave to me were only known by 2 people, myself and a user named Mayo. In the past he has tricked me into sharing information regarding very private details that i would only share with people using the site for the correct reasons, on the occasion i shared some details he was claiming to be a 17 year old girl struggling with many issues.

As soon as this user made it clear to me who he was ( mentioning details of a conversation i had had with him 3 days before ) i reported it to 2 GA'S. neither of whom took any action at all, with the exeption of telling me to behave myself. It took an hour to realise for themselves that this person was harmful to the site.

i realise that their is an ignore button, as this was pointed out to me by both GA's. Although this blocks me from seeing his comments, i does not stop him seeing mine, thus making it difficult for me to speak to other members, or for new members to share safely. Mayo often remembers and repeats our weaknesses.

We are all giving our time to help others, and we are all attempting to recover from our illness, the inconsistent approach to dealing with people intent on harming recovery is harming my own recovery. As a result i will not be returning to the site. My recovery will hopefully continue through my weekly meetings however.

i would like to thank all of you for the support given, and i wish you well

Faith... Adie
You have to realise something and quickly. Mayo is a very sad lonely individual, he has no friends and probably sits in a room with nothing better to do than think using GA website forum is a way to break people recovering.

He cannot break me, because I am above him like I am above gambling.

He should NOT be able to break you either because you to are above him. The GA moderators cannot "instantly" judge is this user Mayo as he is using a proxy filter server to change his IP address to various locations.

However he is in for a shock between you and I.

Keep strong faith.


hi faith

i have been told what went on yesterday and i am very sad that you feel the need to leave the site.
i would ask you to rethink your decision as like me you have given support to many people .
i also think that being a compulsive gambler yourself and your personal circumstances you need this site your self.
you have made many friends and they alone may suffer from this decision .mayo is a very dangerous individual and i agree totally that he has to be banned as you know me my self was tricked by him and arranged to meet him believing that he was a vulnerable person that needed my support. i will be speaking to you as soon as i can to try and encourage your return as i think its an absolute necessity for us all

take care my friend barbara
Faith 777,
Im sorry to hear about youre unfortunate incident.
I was on a forum on saturday night and managed to cheer my self up due to you and other peoples support and humour.
Youre humour and banter was what I needed.
Please reconsider youre actions as its obvious you are a rock of support and guidance for alot of people on this wdbsite.

If not good luck and stay strong ,

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