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I feel a bit annoyed with myself, over the previous weekend i looked at the Horse racing pages in the newspaper, watched a couple of Ascot races on TV and also listened to some racing on the Radio as well as taking an interest in the football odds...why?, whilst i didn't bet or even come close to placing a bet i know what i did was stupid as it's like an Alcoholic walking into a pub or brewery...i know what i should and shouldn't be doing but just why take the risk.

Does anyone else have any experience of doing this when they known it's unwise?.

My circumstances have changed a bit recently and i feel a bit more edgy and bored and i do realize this makes me vulnerable and i don't want to get complacent.

I know for a gambling addict who's interest is in Horse racing or Dog racing that looking at the racing pages within the papers is foolish, i do find increasingly that gambling commercials are cropping up on TV and radio especially around Football and this again does not help us recovering gamblers who like to watch or listen to Footie.

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