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Broke out again!!! Here goes again
Hi All

Over the last two months i have been gambling again, i've been going to GA on and off for the last 8yrs. I hadn't been for the last 1yr and a half and was doing really well but fell back into my old habits. I'm going to attend a meeting tonight (24/10/11) and start again. I've been reading all the books today and registered on here and know i have to take it seriously again. The worst thing for me is the thought of not being able to have the choice again, this may sound silly to alot of people as the worst things obviously are losing loved ones and homes or going to prison etc. Its also the thought of having to go to GA for the rest of my life, i don't mean to sound harsh here but i'm going to GA to sort myself out and not to make friends and have a social group, of course inevitably i will probably make friends.

Some meetings can be very focused on the new arrivals which is what i'm fearing the most really, although some are worse then others when it comes to this, don't get me wrong its all with good intention and the people that run meetings are amazing and have helped so many people.

Sorry for the nondescript post i just wanted to put down some thoughts and feelings i'm having today as my last gamble was Saturday. Also am really please to see this website, all the time i was going to GA before i didn't even think about going online to check forums and other peoples posts. This is great and very helpful.

Good luck to everyone and hope you all had a good day today.
Hi Smartie

Thanks for reply and great advice, i have always had a tendencey to think to far ahead and like you say 2-4 hours a week to have peace of mind is nothing really. I went to a meeting tonight and to be fair don't know why i stopped going as i always get a good feeling when i've been and a real sense of purpose and control in my life.

All the best


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