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all out addict??
Is there such a thing as complete binge addict?

Smoker - yes - tried don't know how many times have tried to stop

Drinker - yes - stopped 4 4weeks last year to see if could - wasn;t good time

Gambler - yes - compulsive - yes - tried to stop -yes

Sick of the lot of it, don;t drink all time don't gamble all time wwant to stop yes.

Hadn't binge gambled for few months but last nite was on major binge. Just wanting a quick pre xmas boost to finances ended up busted again - should no better - not the first time.

Had a wife & 2 kids(5y ag) - yeah had. gambling wasn't the cause of split?? In truth prob did but it hidden to extent. Got worse when had few quid more an dmore money wnet on till it all gone. New girl - new child 3 yrs ago- same old story - not there either - gamblin involved?? prob behind some of it

Don't want my kids falling in2 same traps but can c my 12yr old showing interests - I try to avoid goin on t o laptop when they here- mind u the oil has just run out the car due mot and chrismas requests just keep rolling in,

After last nite none of it seems possible...

I just keep tellin myself u bin here b4 and will come thru it - not enough I want to go to work, enjoy the time I get with my kids and spend time and money with them.

I have stopped several times >1year being best - good times then it happens u think o can do a small bet now am over all that spending hours in bookie s then when the first win comes in ur drawn right back into it.

When I drink I gamble more when I gamble I smoke more - but can go for week/ month without thinking bout it then bang........... here it comes that ummm wouldn't mind a wee bit of interest in that 2nite. That's it 4 me can't get shot of it , will create anythin to make it happen ......... then bust. Not all time but majority.

Sorry for ranting just feel I hav a need to self destruct - all things told to avoid when young end up doin and doing 2 extremes.

I swear this time need to sort it for keeps . reading thru some of the posts really brings it all home can relate to just about all of them .. yeah all - think all gamblers can - mum going on wife going on girlfriend going on bin there done it but don;t want it anymore.

Have never been to a meeting but small town fear every1 knows every1 and prob know people at meetings, at some point prob gambled alongside them at some point

normal life -yes please - don't even hardly know what that is now - bedtime can't sleep cos thinkin were gonna et get money, work can't concetrate thinkin were the cash comin from, home time - alone plenty of time to think!!!!

oh cud go on all nite need to stop and ty to sleep...

I just wan't to waken up to a fresh start

i no need to do somethin, good to know people listen / care.

Trying to slow things down.... complicated as you say .... true though, don't know maybe its that that i need???

Nah cud do uncomplicATED 4 a whle, a long long while

Just goona try stay off it. Have stopped goin to pubs etc.. until alll racing or football is over and avoid bookies.

thanks for your thoughts and concern and HOPE

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