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This is my turning point
Hi there,

I'm only 20 and in 3rd year of university and am going to stop gambling as it is becoming a growing problem. I always used to do the odd football accumulator etc but now it has grown onto the Internet and become worse. Although it may not seem much to some but I have wasted money this afternoon on various sites, even though I have work and other things to do.

I cannot carry on like this and have to knuckle down to some work soon before I ruin all my potential career. Any thoughts or points to help would be much appreciated.

Do not let gambling ruin your career James, you can do this, first of all take yourself off the web sites which you have registered, and every time you think of gambling think of how much money you will waste and your family. Think how much prouder your family will be of you when you graduate and hold down a great job, not how dissapointed they will be if they discover that you have been gambling and perhaps don't get the grade you should have because of it. Gambling is a mugs game, there is only ever one winner. Take it from someone who knows. It's going to take will power to stop the urge, but you can do it - good luck xx
Hello mate, I can empathise with your story more than any other on this site. Not because it is much different but I am similar to you in that I am also a student myself who gambles huge sums of money that even the most hardened gambler would hate to lose. I used to play a lot of online poker and the best place to start with dealing with that is to either self exclude yourself from the site ( as I have done) or set yourself a limit. But it is very difficult to that if you have a problem as it escalates very quickly.
I am fortunate enough to have a lot of people around me who have experienced the highest highs and lowest lows of gambling that can guide me through the tough times, but even though I have tried to give up I have had a relapse over the last few days. A bitter pill to swallow, but the only advice I can give, that I have been given is to try and find a hobby, or another interest, 'cos let's face it, we only gamble when we are bored. Or if you are at Uni spend more of your time on your work, and having a laugh with your mates. You are only young and at the moment have probably not lost enough money to seriously harm your future, but if you, like me don't take hold soon, gambling, WILL, not maybe, ruin your life.

Many thanks for the replies on here. Much appreciated.

I have since de-registered myself online and have used my internet protection to ban all gambling websites filter- another step to try and stop myself.

I am still however still walking into the bookies to put football bets on, like I've done for a couple of years- so this weekend I've won a bit back. Is it worth giving that up as well?

Bradley-18, it is boredom or the habit of watching the football - I've got a bet on!

Hi James14.

I would personally advise to knock those bets on the head aswell. For someone who may be a compulsive gambler, you would be taking a huge risk for your future by kidding yourself you can gamble "normally".

I don't remember ever being able to gamble normally.

I haven't posted on here before, but your story prompted me to do so. I completely RUINED my degree through my gambling habit, i am now 26, and am about to start a very demanding accountancy course, which all being well, i will finish when i'm 29. Still young enough to earn a living, and finally fulfil my potential, fingers crossed.

If i could go back in time to when i was 20, and had the ability to be as honest with myself then as you clearly have been, think of where i could be in my career now?

Don't make the mistakes i did. Gambling will rid you of all ambition, and numb you of all feeling if you do.

I'm 9 months clean thanks to this wonderful fellowship, and am well on the way to happiness and fulfillment.

Good luck, friend.

Hi James,
Two years ago I was where you are today in terms of your gambling problem. You've started to invest more money and time than you can afford and alarm bells have started to ring telling you that this isn't right. Somewhere in the back of your mind you are doubting you have a problem but instead you have just been unlucky recently. I came on here two years ago and asked for advice similar to you are doing now. I came to the conclusion that I wasn't as bad as the people offering advice. I was wrong. I was advised to stop gambling period. I didn't. I continued to bet on football whilst kidding myself that I would never play roulette ever again. If I won my football bet I would invest those winnings on the roulette machine and if I didn't win my football bet I would invest other money trying to recoup my losses on the roulette machine. If I won I wanted more and if I lost I wanted it all back and wouldn't stop until I ran out of money. I have two years experience of trying to quit. I have failed several times but each time I learn something new about my problem which makes me better equipped for success next time. The last thing I learned eighty odd days ago was that I can never set foot in a bookies ever again and I haven't and because of that I am a far better, happier person.
Good luck.

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