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when I stated gambling and when I stop
I Started gambling when I was 12 years of age, went to the seaside with my parents,

I went straight to the arcades playing the slots thought it was good fun and I really enjoyed playing them, and then started playing cards for money in school at break time and playing pitch and toss anything to win some money,

never thought I would be a addictions to gambling I was wrong. I left school at the age of 16 and a little job to have pockets money which I thought It was great.

I was helping the local milk man to deliver milk around people housing which I enjoyed doing because people know me very well in the village where I lived and then I done other jobs as well

when I was 17 I done volunteer work at the school youth club when I use to go, Then one day the school Caretaker asked me would you like to work for a few weeks until the assistant Caretaker come back from the sick I said yes please and the school was please for me to work

because it was my school that I went too Then they told me that the other caretaker was not coming back and they offer me the job on full time I was there for 25 years then my life came crashing down on me

Then Met a young lady in the local bingo club in the community centre she was my good friend for 7 years she went through a bad marriage and got devoices. we did have a very good social life going out together bingo most night and a few holidays together with her 2 children but we kept out homes apart from each other she had here place and I had mine which was good

gambling then was not a problem for me then because we went out together sometimes with her mother and with mine

Then one night my gf was ill thought nothing about it she was only 40 years of age I was down stairs watching TV she come down stairs to use the bathroom she didn’t look well she sat down with I going to phone 999 for a ambulance before they come she pass away in my arms it was that quick

Then I went into gambling over drive out every night of the week at the bingo club and playing the slots to escape from the person who I LOVED it was a big impact of my life

Then I stated going to the community centre as well to played bingo that was a big mistake in my life they wanted me to joined the committee which I did and asked me to take over the treasure- ship which I did

Then I Started to take money from the community centre to feed my gambling problems And they found out and call the police in The police then came to my work at school to take me to the local police station and charge me for fraud and thief

and then I was in court and was going to prison for 6 months for the thing I done but I had two years probation in the mean time none of my family new about this until they read it in the paper on the front page but they were very supportive to me

but my place of work was not lost my job through it lost my job in 2004/2005 Oct I was still on pay leave until Feb. 2005

My mum was my rock in this never judge me one she knew what I went through losing my gf then my mum pass away 18 months ago which I thought I would go back to gambling again but I never I have big family around me any how 8 brothers and 4 sisters they keep a eye on me because I was the youngest

I found this web sites years ago which as help me through my gambling problems and then I went to GA in 2004 which has been a big impact of my life got involves doing things in the meetings making teas and coffee taking meetings took over as sec/treasure was here for 4 years

Then I stated a new meeting off for G.A which was closer for me to attend been here nearly 3 years I am very active in GA also do the telephone information’s lines and one of the admin for our live chat room not gamble since 2004 also it was my 7 years of gambling free this month this is why I come in here to share about my gambling problems you will find a lot of nice people in here I have always to support you in your recovery Take one day at the time Stephen
((((Stephen)))) thank you so much for sharing your story with us. This really touched my heart mate. I am proud of you making 7 years gamble free. Well done. <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt="Big Grin" title="Very Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin -->


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