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hi im lee 32 year old loser whos been gamberling for about 7 years ive known ive had a problem for a long time and finally made the decision to do something about it i live alone with my daughter and spend every single penny on gamberling i spend every week with no money worrying about debt then get paid on a friday and blow the lot then the worry starts again ive just gone through old bank statements online and ive spent thousands in 12 months online betting yet i have loads and loads of debt never pay rent on time never go out and do anything i just work every min god sends telling myself ill start to pay stuff off but as soon as it comes i blow it ive read your posts about attending ga meetings but if im honest im really nervous about attending just want to get out of this nightmare and build a good life i just feel im wasting this one !!!!!!!!!!! please help
Hi Lee,
Fantastically honest share mate well done. You are in the right place. You will find many people here with similar stories. Look for the similarities and you will find they are the same because it all boils down to one thing....we are all compulsive gamblers.
You can join the live chat (if you hav'nt already), use the share section. There are online meetings on thursdays at 9pm in the chat rooms. There are also many meetings scattered across the uk and even in many other countries. I believe the meetings are very important to go to. If you havn't already checked them out you can find your nearest one in the meetings section. Be brave, you will be welcomed.
Well done for accepting you have a problem and making it here. It is a frightening step to make but one i am grateful i have made myself.
The good thing about this place Lee is you will find everyone has something in common. You are not alone and will not be judged.
Im Andy a compulsive gambler and used to be exactly like you describe.I am still a compulsive gambler but havent had a bet for 18 months now simply because I hate gambling,its destroyed me for 20 years plus and will do the same to you unless you attend GA and take just 1 day at a time like we all do.I was exactly the same as you and couldnt see a way out in fact I couldnt see myself not gambling for 1 second let alone 1 day,but I reached another of many rock bottoms and phsyically couldnt take no more after years of mental torture and abuse and that is what GAMBLING WILL do to you if you dont fight the hideous disease 1 day at a time.GOOD LUCK. Andy.
Hi leegreen.

I was way nervous too, and it took me a while before building up enough courage to go to a meeting. And when I did, I only wished I had done it sooner.

To me my gambling was a nightmare also, and I tried to quit so many times.. when I was broke. And when I had money in my account again... I always went back. Not because I enjoyed it, sometimes I did enjoy it for like the first minute, but then it was just horrible... and I still couldn´t help myself. I had to gamble, when I had anything to gamble with.

For me, GA has given me something I never could have given myself.

Wish you all the best lee!

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