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Back at it
My Name is Chris I am a compulsive gambler.

I didnt have a good day today as I had a bet.

I attended meetings regularly for 8months and felt like I had it beat. I passed the year mark without meethings But then one night down the pub with a friend he was playing the slot machine and I was only watching but I felt the tug again. Not long after we started playing the machine 'together' putting a pound in each and not long unitl it was just me playing alone.

It didnt take long until I started playing roulette at the bookies again. All just small losses that I could cover up..... Until I came into some money. I started off with x amount and not long later I had turned this into X amount. This is easy I thought I had it under control. But you guessed it, a month later and its gone and im back at rock bottom again. A compulsive gambler can never win because no matter what they win it isnt big enough.

My big problem is I know I need to open up to my parents again but they are going through some hard times too and it would totally wreck them. I want to go back to meething but am afraid to admit I have gambled again.

I just dont know where to turn now to stop the spiral. I am hoping that posting on here to putting my problem in writing may just help as a therapy.

I can only live for today and I hope tomorrow will be a bet free day!

I am grateful for your sharing. Every time I think that maybe I don't need a meeting I hear another story just like yours and I think again

My recovery is as strong as it is because I have listened to the weakness of others and learnt from their mistakes. When you miss meetings you don't get to hear what happens to those who miss meetings.

Time to start again but this time hang onto GA even when your life gets easier. The 12 Steps of our recovery are a program for a lifetime not just until we get better.

Take care of yourself

my name is chris I am a compulsive gambler

Today was a good day as I didn't have a bet. I have told the parents I relapsed and handed over my bank cards. It's been a tough day but at least I didn't gamble.

I hope to be back at meetings on Monday night. But until then it's just one step at a time.

Today was a good day and I hope tomorrow will be too!
Hi Chris

Well done for sharing, I know it is not easy.

The best, and bravest thing you can do is go to a meeting, you will always be welcomed, there is no shame in walking back into a meeting, everyone in the room will have been in your position, and not one cg can say they will never be there again, it is only one day at a time. I too have fell off the wagon before and had to face going back to a meeting, and it was the best thing I did.You can do it my friend with the support and unity of ga.

Take your time if you need to with your parents, give yourself chance to heal, try to get to a meeting. Things will get better.

I wish you all the best


J x
Hello Chris,

Please pop back to GA meetings (if you already have, please keep going) and see your old friends. Meetings should be a safe secure environment where you can receive mutual support. You should also consider the fact that by not attending meetings, you are denying others the opportunity to help. It used to work for you and there is no reason why attending meetings should encourage you to gamble.

Opening up to your parents is something only you can decide, however asking questions, on this subject at a meeting, should yield some experience, strength and hope in this area.

Yours in GA unity

'Poster' David

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