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want to save my life from more missery
My name is john and I am a compulsive gambleI have been gambling for over 40 years and my life was always in a mess
I did notknow where to turn during my gambling escapades{that was my excuse}
Every time I didgamble and loose I said I am not going togamble again but I did not keep to my thouhgts and promises, That got me into more trouble than before and so on gambling took a hod on me and I could not stop
I was an expert on borrow money from every one around me, then went into stealing and numerous other ways to get money and gamble over and over againI needed to feedmy habit evary day, that was my lifeI looseeverything I had It was a night mare and I would not admit my problem eventualy I ran out of monety friends and everything elseIwas alone in a worl offantasy waiting for the big win but that never happen,I did no care for anyone only my addition was the order of the dayI blame everybody else for my troubles.
Then eventually I went to a G A meeting where I live and attend for a few months but still continue to gamble.
One day I said I have enoght of this troble and started to G A meetings regulary every week It is now 8 months that I have not gamble and I am a different person things are geting better for me still debts still there but I am dealing with them slowly the best I can
I am not borrowing any more I am in a blck list which I think is good,tear all cards and clossed all bank accounts,any way is not money in them.
I have not control of any financial deals, my wifw does all for me go blessher for all the pain I have cause and all the hurt I have done to everyone around me
I will never be able to repay all my debtsI am a total dissasreG A is my way oflife from now on.But one thing I have done right is to stop, I pray for people for not to gamble like me I was sick and still sick but G A is my salvation ,that is what I believe.

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