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First Posting
Hi All. This is my first post. I have just had another evening spending loads of money on on-line gambling sites. I have not got a hope in paying off my debt. I am feeling very sad and depressed. I have finally located my nearest G.A. meeting and will try and pluck up the courage to attend. I have been gambling for a long time (around 12 years) and know in my heart, that I have no future if I carry on. I have begged, pleaded, lied and become utterly despicable in my quest of self-destruction through gambling. I have become someone that I no longer know. Gambling has become my life, how sad am I? I feel sick to my stomach, but strangely, this feeling always wears off after a day or so, and off I go again. I am tired and worn out. I hope that I have the strength to knock this horrible addiction on the head.
Hi Sue, I am new to this site too. I know exactly how u feel, i have hit 'rock bottom' many times, said thats it now, but then started again a few days later. why does it become acceptable again in only a few days? this is a horrible addiction and i wish u all the best. Ive just located my local GA too and will be attending this week. Lets hope in a years time we are both in a much happier position
Hi Iron, Thanks for your post. I'm sorry you have this awful addiction and I wish you good luck with your GA meeting. At least you know there will be another person taking that first tentative step this week with you, even though my knees are knocking at the thought, it has to be done. If you get a chance, post how you got on and i'll do the same.
Hi Maverick

Thank you for your kind post. I am glad that your wife has stood by you. Fortunately my partner has also stood by me, who knows why, as I have put and still putting him through hell. It is so true, when you gamble, nothing else is important to you at that time, loved ones come a very poor second. We must be very lucky, having found these people with the patience of saints!

The only trouble is they don't truly understand the total grip gambling has on you. I have tried to explain, but I guess, unless you have this terrible affliction yourself, you cannot believe the power it has on you. I know it sounds rediculous, but even when I see an advert on the telly for a new super-hero movie, it makes me want to go on-line and play the slots. I think so much playing on-line has re-wired my brain, I feel like I am living in a world of slots.

I am very happy that GA has helped you and hope that I too can find the support that will help me through. Even writing this, the little gambling voice in my head is trying to find excuses not to go to the meeting - it's freezing, it's dark at night, I'll feel stupid! Knowing how stupid you are yourself is one thing, admitting it to other people is alot harder to do!

Thank you again for your post, it really does help to hear from others who are or have been is a similar situation. I will drag myself kicking and screaming if need be to this meeting.
Hi All

Oh, twice I have tried to post a message, but both times I have pressed the 'preview' button, the message has dissapeared!
Third time lucky?

I will keep it short, as the other posts were quite long and I am now quite tired.

Went to GA meeting. Nice people. Felt very strange being the newbie and it was all a bit surreal, but I think that was down to stress. Will be going again this week.

Am quite depressed and stressed out at the moment, but suprisingly have managed to stay off the gambling sites.

I'm financially in a load of mess and mentally I am on meltdown, but strangely I have a definite determination to rid myself of this affliction.

Thank you for your posts, I will post again at a later date. Happy and Safe Christmas to you all X.

My name is Sue and I am a gambling addict
Hi All

Just to let you know, I seem to be having trouble lately posting and seeing reply posts from others. So if you have commented, i'm not being rude, I just can't see them!

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