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I am a compulsive gambler
Thanks as always for your honesty Maverick...

Its empowering to see and hear...

Wishing you the best in unity

Great post, and well done! I too believe we need to hear those two words once in a while, you helped me so much when i first joined, Barrie's last post was also inspirational, thank you my friend, and i hope to chat soon.
As you said to me once ,we all have to do what is best for ourselves in our own recovery.You for some reason stood out above the rest in my recovery,hope that's okay to say.Where ever you are i hope you are safe and your family is well.Stay strong Maverick .One day at a time .I wish you all the best .And that goes for Lee too .Dont ever give up k mate,hurry back ,we all will be there for you !!!
Hi Maverick,

Glad to see your back to meetings, back working on your recovery program and glad your talking again mate...

in unity
Hey Mav- glad you are back-- you and your words of wisdom is one of the things i look forward to each morning! It is great you are back-- the room needs you and so do I-- for all you have done to help me-- thanks!
I am sami and i am a cg-- still struggling-- but with faith--

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