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Hi All

Happy New Year

Well i am back gambling again. Sorry should start by saying i am John and a compulsive gambler. I had gone 5 years without a bet and was doing well living gambling free, i then had a couple of "fun" "harmless" bets last year upon the Golf & Football but these were just a handful of bets over the year for small stakes and nothing out of hand, however i am aware that from this the damage was done and the seed sown.

Just this past month i have started gambling heavily again still relatively affordable but the frequency is now weekly ( again Fotball betting & also 1st bet on the Horses in 6 years Boxing Day ).

I hate gambling and what it is and does, as i posted previously it is insidious and an evil industry with the way it is marketed and "sold", i am trying to take positive steps by self excluding from all online Bookmakers and also local betting shops. I am also intersted to use Gambling Blocking Software - the isssue for me is i have access to more than 1 PC at work so is there any software out there than can be transfered from 1 PC to next ?.

Lastly i am a live in carer working 98 hours per week, getting to meetings is very near impossible for me, can someone give me some more info re: online meetings and when these take place ?. I really do want to STOP gambling again and get things right for both myself and my family and lovely little stepdaughter, any help greatly appreciated.
Hi all

Just a brief update, thus far since this post no gambling to report or even no temptation to gamble. I have previously gone 5 years gambling free so i know i can do it. Practically i have self excluded from all my local Bookies and feel good about this, i admit in some respects it is taking responsability out of my own hands but so be it, it is a practical and helpful thing to do and i would advise anyone wishing to stop gambling in Bookies to do the same thing - i do admit that we CG's are devious and at times ingenious and i do realise it is possible to travel out of your local area to gamble but at least "barring" yourself from local Betting shops puts a significant barrier in the way.

I do intend participating in 1 of the online meetings soon and am still looking into Gambling Blocking software though again i have self excluded from pretty much all online Bookies already.
Good luck all.
Hi Newman,

All i can do is offer my GA we don't give advice - just the benefit of our own experience...

I know i tried stopping so many times, but this addiction always found a way to drag me back into its web of destruction and horror....

The best day of my life was when i made my first GA meeting - face to face...This is where I was offered the GA recovery program, a simple 12 step recovery program when worked with other gamblers in recovery offers me a daily arrest from this addiction...

So if you want the help, just head on down to your local meeting...all you need to do is turn up....

I wish you the best

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