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the start
theda75 Wrote:i never realised how powerful these meeting are people that are you, people that can help you people with wisdom.i beleive that i can do this with a lot of hard work and honesty i can do this .and regain my life for me and my family to have a normal life .i must start to love myself again and love life.............

Hi theda

Fantastic to hear you are going to meetings...

When i first went to GA, i did 9 months without a bet and then thought i'll be ok on my own... In all honesty i just didn't want to put the hard work into my recovery looking back , so i stopped going to meetings and before long I was back gambling again with vengeance...

Best decision i made was returning to GA...and i was welcomed back with open arms...

For me it’s all about the decisions i make in my recovery today i will be i will work my ga recovery i will not gamble...

Hope you see you at some point in your recovery...
in unity

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