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A good idea?
I recently slipped up after several months of no gambling. Fortunately it wasn't a losing session (nor a winning one) so I'm not on a big downer.

I did it out of boredom.

Anyway I'm thinking of getting a tattoo that says something to the message / effect of 'No gambling.'

The way I see it, it is a constant reminder from yourself in a sober moment and not during the distorted cognitive process of a gambling urge that you don't need or want to do it.

I basically feel if I had that tattooed on myself, I'd have to be a frigging idiot to end up in a casino again with that tattooed on my body somewhere (just a small one in a non visible area whilst clothed.)

Just an idea.

Moderators - I am new to this site and not a member of ga. I posted some advice to another user recently that I got from my cbt therapist. I want to ask if in your opinion if that is an okay thing to do, or whether it is better for individuals to hear such things from trained professionals. If so, please delete that post I made in this thread -

Third time back here - by kongmikey
Hi Leon,

A decision only you can make my friend...

Hope you make the right decision for yourself....but just know if you ever want GA's help, all you need to do is check out where your nearest meeting is and turn up...

In unity

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