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I am a gambling addict
Hi, my name is hayley

i have a partner and 2 children, a mortgage etc........ when i get my wages from my full time job i will gamble it away within 24hrs, i will then depend on the childrens childcare money to get through the month (my partners wages pay the bills and the morgage, my wages are for housekeeping and to clothe the children etc)

I know exactly what i am doing when i am gambling but i just cant stop once i am on a site, i am very ashamed that i cannot treat my kids everyday due to my selfishness. my partner installed special software last night but i know that once i get paidi will find another way to gamble. i am currently on anti - depressents for post natal deppression but i dont think its the post natal deppression i think its the gambling that makes me feel low. I have stollen money and taken out loans to clear my debts and then i just take all that money back out of my account again and gamble with it again.. like i said i know what i am doing is wrong but the need and excitment incase i win money is very powerfull.......

thank you for reading xxxx
Hi you haevnt mentioned that your on the GA programme get yourself to your nearest meeting.
Voice your fears and worries you will not be judged.
You will find that your not alone and with all the willpower in the world you can do this
It will be hard with ups and downs but you can do it x
hi hayley, i feel very bad for you but you are not alone. what you described is typical of a compulsive gambler. No matter what the consequences of your gambling are a compulsive gambler will always gamble again because we are powerless over gambling. It doesnt mean you are a bad person but it does mean you have a serious problem. Try and get along to a meeting. There is a program called the 12 steps which can take away the power gambling has over you and restore you to sanity concerning the taking of that 1st bet. I never think about gambling today as a result and the steps is the best thing i have ever done, best of luck tk care sam <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt="Big Grin" title="Very Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin -->

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