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I am a gambler and I want to stop
Hello GA forum

I have had many conversations with myself over my gambling issues, although I have a gambling problem I am lucky that I don't feel the need to gamble everyday. I can often go days or weeks without gambling or betting. But when I do, I find it difficult to stop.. I am now at a point were I cannot hide it from family and friends anymore this is my last chance before it starts to have a negative effect on my life. I am considering some hypnosis treatment and looking for some help as regards to Gamblers Anonymous. I really don't feel confident turning up on my own I live in Cheshire and I'm wondering of anyone can give me some feedback on meetings near by. Although I worry about me turning up with my gambling problems when people are far worse of than me.

Thanks in advance
Hi there!

I had exactly the same thoughts when I was first admitting to myself that I had a problem 5 months ago. It took me over a week to decide I should at least go to a meeting and see what advice I could get from there even if I only went the once. What I found when I got there was that it didn't matter how often someone gambled or what on, what mattered was that it had become a problem for that person and they both recognized that and wanted to stop.

Walking through the door that first time was the hardest thing I've done in a long time, but it was also the best. I'm still attending my meetings and haven't missed a single one yet. Most importantly through the support of the group I'm now 4.5 months gamble free, something that I never thought was possible and I certainly couldn't have done without my meetings.

I truly believe that as long as you know and admit you have a problem and want to stop then meetings are a must.

When you go the first time, someone will talk ro you on a one-to-one basis before you go into the meeting to help explain what is going to happen. The most important thing though is to go and listen and if you are asked to speak to be as honest as possible and say as much as you can, even though it is scary. Everyone will understand and most likely you will hear stories similar if not identical to yours from other members.

You can find detailsfrom the meetings tab at tge top of tge page.

Good luck
For me the wonderful thing about GA is the experience, strength and honesty I can share with my group on a weekly basis...

Its great that i feel this unity on here too...

Welcome Blue..... I hope you get to a meeting soon if you have a desire to stop gambling...

In unity
You sounded exactly like me. I could go without a bet but couldn't control myself when I do. But I can assure you I am a compulsive gambler and do need GA, yes there were others at the meetings that you could say had "worse" problems, some with "better". What I can assure you is that I have never been made to feel anything but welcome and supported. If you want to stop I really believe there is no better place.

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