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NEW LIFE additions (GA members please read)
Hi All

Just a note. There have been a number of poems and recovery therapies submitted to the forum recently, many of which would be ideal for the GA New Life magazine. Maybe many of you don't realise, but the editor for the New Life is forever in need of material for forth-coming editions.

We all enjoy reading the New Life, but sadly, because of the lack of material submitted, we do not get as many editions each year as we used to. Anyone reading this will be spoilt by the multitude of share stories in this forum, however, not all GA members have access to the internet.

So, next time you sit down to write a poem or recovery therapy think to yourself whether it would be suitable for submitting to the New Life. Contact information for the Editor can be found on the inside front cover of old editions of New Life or alternatively, there is a link in the 'Contacts' Tab no.10.

Look forward to reading your stories.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)
Great reminder Dave...

in the past when I'm written a therapy on here, its easy to just copy and paste the material on to a new email and send it straight to the New life editor....

Just wondering could this be made a sticky so its at the forefront of our minds when we write a new post?

In unity

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