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compulsive gambler
hi everyone well were do i start i have a serious serious gambling problem iv always liked a gamble and my problem is they bloody roulette machines in the bookies there are worse than a heroin addicts problem because a heroin addict can only put maybe a small amount of money into himself but with these machines your putting EVERY LAST PENNY you have in them they should be banned but here my story as of last week ive lost thousands on them i have a great job but the company took a turn for the worst and i had to go without bonuses for 3 mths which put me under pressure i owed everyone money and as we all no the only way we gamblers try to solve a problem is to try for that big win WHICH SELDOM HAPPENS AS WEE ALL NO anyway this morning i tapped my girlfriend for money to get by and went straight to the bookies and lost the lot then my mate said was i ok for cash i said ive not a bean and he gave me money which as soon as i got went into a machine and lost the lot and then i was bak to squer one plus now in even more debt i always feel low and tell myself this need to stop FOREVER but im chasing money to pay bills and im heavly in debt i want help (IN FACT I NEED HELP ) i went to GA before and fell to the wayside it did help me but gambling got a grip again i have friends who are ponses and alway have not a penny when we go out and i have to carry them and when ive spent a few hundred a try get it bak in the bookies sometimes i do but basicly im carrying losers who i want to drop thanks for reading my story i will beat this i swear
hi Martin,

Welcome to the GA forum...

If you've already read the site, you'll probably have an idea that GA has no opinions on outside issues....

I know I can only work on myself as a person and the GA recovery program is a great tool that I can use on a daily basis to help me with this task.

I received this gift the first time I entered the GA recovery room, but I need to put the work in daily... Like yourself i stopped attending for a period of time and surprise surprise....I returned to gambling..

Every time I've tried to stop on my own I've failed...but with GA and the recovery program in my life, I feel stronger, more supported and empowered...

Up to you Martin, but I don't regret going back to meetings....
Wish you the best

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