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Help Required
Hi guys!

My name is Tom, 24, and I dont really know why Im writing on here - but I know that I need some help. I have a gambling problem, not everyday but when I do gamble I tend to continue and end up chasing my money. I feel weak and pathetic as I gave up for nearly 3 months, yet today I gave in and within a flash lost all the hard work and money that I had saved over the last 3 months. I have only told my gf, If im honest im scared to talk to anyone else and im thinking about going to a meeting. I feel angry and weak and pathetic - so many emotions.

Anyways, if you are or have had this happen to you it would be great for someone to talk to.

Hi Tom,

Its amazing how often you hear such similar stories of pain through gambling....Your story could have been written by me almost...

I could stop for periods of time...think i was OK and then WHAM...I'd be back gambling for no rhyme or reason...

Eventually I realized I couldn't stop on my own, so I made my way to GA meetings and the GA recovery program and I tried to put as much effort into recovering as I had gambling...

Its hasn't been an easy journey, but I feel today, I'm starting to get somewhere...I feel better within myself and I feel there is hope for the I keep attending meetings and doing the things that are helping me...

Why not check out your nearest meeting as you've said you may be interested? Details on the Meeting tab above...

All the best

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