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Hi Hitman,

Hitman Wrote:If I just focus on what I'm doing today I hope I will get through it without that bet but if I look ahead I can never see myself never betting again, I really can't, I just feel like I will gamble again at some point so why fight it! Paul (aka Hitman)

For me this is were the GA recovery program comes in...When I came to GA I was offered this simple 12 step recovery program, but working the program wasn't easy for me.... I needed help from experienced members of GA to help guide me through it and help me to recover on a daily basis...

I can't commit to never having a bet again...but what I can say is just for today I will work my program and persevere at becoming a better person one day at a time... building up the barriers in my life that will help sustain me... Today I don't have the urge to bet because of this...

So gunny I echo Mavericks words...keep going my friend...its great having you in GA and I hope you keep working your recovery a day at a time...

In unity

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