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18 years old and addiction
Hi Red,

Welcome to the GA forum...

The good thing about GA for me is that it doesn't judge me when I admit I've got a problem with gambling...

GA doesn't give advice, but we do give our own experiences in the hope of helping other compulsive gamblers in similar situations... My experience has taught me my gambling only gets worse...not only in money, but time, behaviorally and emotionally...

The olnly thing that has worked for me is the GA recovery program and GA meetings...
If you're interested, why not read a bit more about GA on the New to GA section on the main GA page...

In recovery...
Smartie xxx
Redbull5 Wrote:Ooooo little mistake from me tonight, lost all momentum and put a large amount into an account, as soon as I deposited it I realised what I ad done and went to withdraw it. It was a Germany based online site and they don't let you withdraw until you wager your deposit. So I sat playing roulette for spins till I wagered my money and game home with a small profit. Immediately withdrew it all.

Massive mistake. Need to control my activity level when I'm bord.

Keep going guys, stick with it.

This is why I am glad of being a part of GA mate... Took me years of pain, hurt and and suffering to myself and others before I realised I needed help....

On my own and without the GA recovery program, I always found a reason to start again...and if I ever won money...

Wish you the best

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