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A small first step...
CBN Wrote:if I fall off the wagon tomorrow then nobody will be any the wiser

True, but you will know CBN

Have you managed to find your nearest GA meeting? Details via the main ga page...

Best to you in recovery....

Glad to see you back!!

i keep my recovery simple...a day at a time...
and of course attending meetings as often as possible as well as working the GA recovery program...

All the best
Glad your here CBN...

Just for today i accept i am powerless over this illness...

In unity
There is no need to contact the Maidstone meeting, just go along. The contact email for that group probably just needs to be updated, the group is definitely still going every Monday.

There truely is nothing to be worried about, just go along and you will be welcomed by people with the same problem as you.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)

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