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Must Stop Now
Good to here donkey...

So when you going to your first GA meeting?

Let us know how it went...

Fair enough Donkey...

All GA can do is point the way to the help available...its up to you if you want that help....

I know I tried to stop many times on my own...with varying success, but I always found a reason to start gambling in the end and it caused me so much pain - emotional, physical and spiritual...

Eventually when i was bruised and battered I made my way to GA...I had the desire to stop gambling and wanted the help...

Just know GA is there if you want the help..To start the help you just need to turn up at your nearest meeting...

All the best
lo lo donkey,

donkey Wrote:oh dear ive started again maybe i do need to attend a meeting. only wanted a small go and ive ended up spending hundreds. I was doing so well and now feel ive let everyone down.

hmm i remember these times too...

Cheers for reminding me why i need to keep attending meetings and working the recovery programme mate...

I really hope to see you soon...

All the best
Smartie xxx

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