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Returning after a slip
BigDave Wrote:Hi radish

It is worrying to hear about the way in which you have been treated at the GA meeting you've attended. Thankfully, meetings with overpowering individuals like this are very rare, as most meetings are extremely supportive. The only way that GA can do anything about such meetings is if people step up and inform us, so we can look into it.

Maybe you could contact your regional secretary and let them know of your concerns.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)

Great suggestion Dave...or if you don't know your regional secretary you can always contact them via the National Secretary...Go on the Contact us tab off the main ga page and click the National Sec link...

I know the GA way is the only way that has helped me to recover from this addiction a day at a time...I find the unity, sharing and support second to none, but i accept my recovery is my responsibility and if things arn't right, i need to help myself by working within the GA recovery programme...

So Radish, its great to hear from you and I hope you get in touch. All the best to you in your recovery...
Smartie xxx

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