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Why do i still carry on?????
watkin1405 Wrote:Cheers Barrieexgambler,

its been two weeks since my last gamble and each day I feel stronger and stronger. I know its early doors but now that my loving wife knows all my lies I feel that things can now move forward which they are.

We have just come back off holiday and I feel that a small part of me before gambling took over is back.

Thanks for the message.


You don't say how your doing it though Watkin... Are you white knuckling it? Still trying to do it on your own?
Maybe you can? I felt i could have stopped earlier in my gambling addiction if only i'd have had the inclination... I guess alot depends on how addicted you are!!

Just know that if you want GA's help, check out your nearest GA meeting...Took me many years of pain and heartache, but eventually i got there...

All the best
Smartie xxx
watkin1405 Wrote:Just to answer your question of how long, i have been a gambler for 18months and to be fair the person I have changed into in that time disgusts me. I know that I will always be a gambler but have now finally come to terms that I have a problem but also that i want to stop as previously have said that I will stop but in my heart not wanted to.

Absolutely Watkin, i know things didn't start to change for me until i really had a desire to stop gambling and was prepared to put in the effort to make it happen!!

Cheers for the reply too...
Keep in touch

Smartie xxx

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