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Hi Kel

Purely from my own experience, i am so proud of myself that i can go a day without gambling. Sometimes it felt as if 5 minutes was too much in the past and I can now go a whole day without gambling..what a miracle!!!

Change takes time and patience is something i was (and still am) short of , but by attending GA meetings regularly AND working the 12 step programme a day at a time life is getting better. Its dragging its heels, but i'm getting there.

Some of the best advice i've ever received is in the back of the q and a booklet (the orange book). Each day i read that and review the 20 questions at the front of the book.

I talk regularly to other GA members on a daily basis and i text others even more regularly so if tough times come (as they do from time to time) i'm in a pattern of speaking to people who understand me..

but I know primarily it all starts with a desire to stop gambling...I remind myself daily what i'm doing this helped me to write all this down so i could review my motivations.

Anyway hope you keep going to meetings...
all the best
Smartie xxx

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