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Few Questions
why cant GA be set up as a charity? Because i know at meetings its called a donation you pay everytime you go, but at every meeting I have been to its a set amount, and most people what go to meetings have money trouble.
Also the phone lines are all mobiles, isnt there a way GA could get a freephone number?

GA do great work just think stuff needs updated.
Firsty, GA does not accept outside contributions, hence why we are not a charity. In meetings we have a 'collection' not a donation, which pays for the room, refreshments, literature, etc... and I quote "there are no dues or fees for GA membership". There is NO set amount for a member to put into the collection, however, as a result of stopping gambling we all get a '100% pay rise' (as we are no longer losing all of our money) so why should we not put in the collection, imo we owe at least that to GA.

Up until recently all numbers for GA UK were freephone numbers and GA footed the bill. But this was open to abuse. Furthermore, why do we even need an active phone line anyway. The majority of people who phone got our number from the website where all information is available to them anyway. The phoneline cannot and should not be a counselling service as none of us are qualified to give advice over the phone, and especially not to complete strangers. Anyone thinking that they can should have a long look at themselves before they attempt to interfere with someone elses life.

If you think that there are things that GA needs to do then why don't you go along to your regional meeting and have your say. I believe that if you stepped back and took a look at the questions you have asked, and even had a better prior knowledge of GA and what it stands for, there is a good chance you may not have asked them.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge/Cen. London Sat)
Good replies to both questions, just at meetings i been to it is a set amount u pay. i understand we owe GA alot,but should be the persons choice how much they put in.
Whats the point in having phonelines at all then?
Maybe the meeting/s you attend have had problems with reaching the required collection amount to cover the cost of the room, so they have decided make a group decision to make it a set amount per week. Whatever it is, I should imagine it is only a couple of quid, which anyone can afford.

If it was down to me I would make everyone put a percentage of their wages into GA when you consider what they have got back as a result of not gambling. I witness people on a regular basis praise GA for giving them back their lives, their families, their business, their sanity, etc, etc.... Do you think we should pay nothing for this? GA gives us everything but asks for nothing in return just an open mind and a desire to stop gambling. Is it not our duty though to give back?

I have been out of work for a few years now and I get benefits which are hard enough to live on at the best of times. The effort and time I put into GA on a weekly basis far exceeds most in GA, and could even be seen as a fulltime job if you were to add up the hours. Do you think it is fair that I don't put into the collection just because of this?

There is no point in having phonelines at all Postie, but there are some in GA that still want that element in place. When GA started there was no internet and, as GA does not advertise, the only way to find out information on local meetings would be to use the phone. Some would argue that by getting rid of the old phoneline GA is being 'updated' (which was one of your initial words) to move with the times.

There are many other aspects of GA that could be 'updated' but there are many in GA holding this back. So maybe you can see now why these questions might not have been entirely suitable for airing on a forum that all can see, as they are not one-sided.

I suggest again that if you wish to have your voice heard and want to help in making changes then go along to your next regional meeting. Or even attend the next GA AGM where all members, potentially, can have their view put across.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge/Cen. London Sat)
Thanks Dave, I understand stuff better now <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt="Big Grin" title="Very Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin -->

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