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Finally turned to help
Hello everybody im tom i am new on here having turned to this for help and encouragement from other addicts who can hopefully help me through this awful time. I have been gambling for a couple of years and have hit a new low after i last night realised i have spent a lot of money and find myself in debts and i have nowhere to turn, im really struggling and would just like to hear other peoples stories and get through these bad times. It is my birthday today an i have made a final promise to myself fresh start and to save an clear my debts and never to gamble ever again i know this will be difficult but with the help from people on here im hoping we can do it together. Thank you for reading
Hi Tom and welcome..

Have you read the 'new to GA' link on the main GA page?........... explains about GA and how it can help? Maybe check out your nearest meeting if you want the help?

GA meetings are compulsive gamblers helping other compulsive gamblers to recover from this addiction a day at a time using a simple program worked to the best of our own ability..

All the best
Thank you for your lovely messages, i will try and get to a meeting my local meeting is preston so il get along there soon as possible to get the full help i think i need, i am now 2 days without gambling. If i feel the urge i look at my bank statement an read the stories on here an realise i need to stop for good, its payday tomorrow so i need to stand by my new aim and to see it through and see my bank on monday with some money in it! Everybody on here seems really helpful and all pulling in the right direction looking forward to my first meeting i feel happier already

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