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Facing up to the financial side of things
I cannot advise you in your finances. When I stopped gambling in 2006 I had a very large debt. I was taught in GA that part of my recovery was to make amends to the people I had harmed, which including paying off my debts. Someone told me to just go bankrupt but that would not have helped me in my recovery. It is in my nature as an addict to always try to find the EASY option (the quick fix!).

It was explained to me the benefits of paying of my debts and the cons of bankruptcy. And, although bankruptcy had short-term benefits the long-term results might out-weigh any of the benefit gained.

Bankruptcy is anybody's choice, but for me it wasn't. I worked out what I could afford, made arrangements with my creditors and knuckled down to work. It took me over 3 years to pay off all my debts and let me tell anyone reading this, the emotional reward cannot be duplicated any other way. Even to this day I am (for the first time) proud of myself. Before stopping gambling I could barely string two consecutive months together of paid bills/direct debits, let alone 3 years of them. I would default often, it was in my nature.

Today I pay my bills without fail. Changing ones habits takes long periods of time and I am thankful that I received the correct guidance through a fellow GA member in regards to my finances.

Many GA members, however, do chose the bankruptcy option, but to be only honest they do not stay around very long and subsequently go back to gambling.....FACT

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)

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