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Desperate to rebuild my life!!
rjeffrey1985 Wrote:It would be nice to hear from other GA members though, just to get your views on things as you are all aware of how hard it is after being in similar situations.

rjeffrey1985 (Bradford)

Great news!!! There is a GA meeting on a Friday night in Bradford for you to hear from other GA members...

Check out the full details on the meeting list via the main GA page...

Let us know how it goes...
Smartie xx
rjeffrey1985 Wrote:I'm not sure I feel comfortable going to a group meeting as I'm not very confident in social situations with groups of people who I don't know, so would feel better speaking online or on the phone.

I totally get that..
For years GA wasn't an option for me either.

I had a million reasons why I didn't want to go or why it wouldn't have worked.

However when I was ready to change and stop gambling, GA was there...
Same offer is there for you too

All the best

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