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Cath Wrote:Hello, everyone I am a compulsive gambler who is desperate for someone to talk to as I hide my addiction from my loved ones. I have always liked a game of bingo so I joined an online site before I new it i belonged to most of them. To try and stop I gave away my laptop and got an I pad that is when my addiction as taken over my life as I play at online casinos which take money a lot quicker. I am at the end of my tether I hate myself for being weak and I now acknowledge. That I need help I will be getting in touch with a group near me. The worse thing is trying to act normal in front of the family they have no idea how much debt I am in and it's got to the point where I can't afford the payments

Cath, if you have a desire to stop gambling...simply turn up at your nearest group..simple as that..

Details of your nearest meeting is on the Main GA page...

Any questions just ask...

Smartie xx

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