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Help Needed
GA works by working the GA recovery program and attending meetings..

You can check out your nearest meeting on the main GA page on the meeting tab...

Details of what happens in meetings is on the New to GA tab..

Just click to see more...

Check out that nearest GA meeting asap..

Smartie xx
Hi Oldskool,

I was the same, online gambling brought me to my knees and I admitted defeat. I know there is some gambling blocking software you can get just google "gambling blocking software" and you'll find a few. Some are free, some you pay for.

However, It is not the online gambling or even gambling that's the problem. Its me who has the problem and I had to DO something about it. I went back to GA in 2011 and its the best thing I have ever done.

Hope you find a meeting close to you and attend soon. Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes. GA works, if I am willing to work at it.

Wishing you well for the future,

Go to a GA meeting. That's the only help or advice I can offer you.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)
oldskool2000 Wrote:I'm sat in a pub and looking at the fruit machine but resisting its temptations...for now. That's got to be progress?

still worried that when I get home the laptop will go on and I'll start gambling again. Please help

Maybe some may call that progress and if its helping you...great..

However for me it wouldn't be...

Take our experiences or don't..but if you want the help..get to your nearest meeting asap..

All the best
Don't make excuses, just go to a meeting. If you had a broken leg would you try and hide that from your family and not go to the hospital?

Compulsive gambling is a PROGRESSIVE ILLNESS. Unless you do something about it things will only get worse, how long do you want to leave it? How much more suffering do you want to take? How much more money/time/friends do you want to lose? I could go on!

Don't be like the countless others who come to this site looking for a miracle cure and, when they find out there isn't one, and they actually have to put some effort in to sort this problem out, they run a mile and go back to the gambling.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)

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