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125 days no bet!
Ricky W Wrote:Hi My name is Ricky and I am a compulsive gambler.
Today is actually 127 days no bet I have been going to GA meetings every Thursday since I stopped Gambling. I haven't missed a meeting yet,
I want to take it further and do the steps recovery programme. But I am in Eastbourne and was very lucky to have a GA meeting there because of my job It is very difficult to get anywhere that does the 12 step recovery programme I am not quite sure where the nearest one is but I am sure there isn't one too close to me so not sure what to do there. As of a sponsor I don't have one just because at the meeting I go to there isn't someone i would have as a sponsor. I have made some good friends from the GA meeting and will keep going but I just feel like I am stuck at the moment and not sure what the next step would be? Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated

Thank you best wishes,


Have you thought of asking your group secretary? If they don't know why not try the regional sec?
There is a contact us link on the main ga page that you could use...

Maybe contact some of your regional officers...ask for their advice?

Hope this helped

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