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What is a sponsor?????
Hi Pcon

What is sponsorship in GA?

Well there is a great booklet that helps explain it...its called

Be a sponsor..Your questions answered

Maybe grab a copy from the literature box at the front of your GA room, ask your secretary or if your group doesn't have a copy ask the secretary to get in touch with the literature officer and update your literature table...

Just a little sneak peak though...

Introduction: What is sponsorship

At its simplest it is One-to-one help for a member by another member to help them on the road to recovery.

It is the focus of a member, or members, or the group as a whole on the recovery of an individual

The responsibility to sponsor a member usually a newcomer, is unwritten and informal, but it is the heart of the GA approach to recovery and to leading a normal life through the Recovery Programme and Just for Today.

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