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What is a sponsor????
Hi Pcon

What is sponsorship in GA?

Well there is a great booklet that helps explain it...its called

Be a sponsor..Your questions answered

Maybe grab a copy from the literature box at the front of your GA room, ask your secretary or if your group doesn't have a copy ask the secretary to get in touch with the literature officer and update your literature table...

Just a little sneak peak though...

Introduction: What is sponsorship

At its simplest it is One-to-one help for a member by another member to help them on the road to recovery.

It is the focus of a member, or members, or the group as a whole on the recovery of an individual

The responsibility to sponsor a member usually a newcomer, is unwritten and informal, but it is the heart of the GA approach to recovery and to leading a normal life through the Recovery Programme and Just for Today.
Anyone else got a sponsor yet?
Smartie xx
Its a question I got asked again this re posting this to remind fellows...

Definitely worth any one who wants to understand how GA works to grab a copy....

Smartie xx
A sponsor is like a healthy friend who will try to give you support and healthy advice.
It is not a parent teacher a healthy sponsor will talk things out with you.
A healthy sponsor will help you have a fearless two way street sharing.
A healthy sponsor will ask you to question and understand every thing you do or say and also question and understand every thing about your sponsor.
A healthy sponsor will ask you to keep your names anonymous.
A healthy sponsor will make sure your partner is comfortable with you spending so much time with them.
A healthy sponsor will make sure that once you commit to your new healthy actions and your new healthy words that you will take all credit for your new found skills.
A healthy sponsor should not be a hypocrite.
A healthy sponsor should adjust to doing steps at your pace not his pace.
A healthy sponsor is best having copy of all literature you have and also help you mark out in yellow the most important words in the steps to help you understand your part and your actions and why.
For me a healthy sponsor can help people of both sexes.
A healthy sponsor can be able to let a person go if they feel they have had enough at that time and come back to them later.
A healthy sponsor can help people understand that the step program is about them helping their self become healthier by slow baby steps.
Dave of Beckenham..
Hi Picon
A sponsor is almost like a healthy friend who will help you become a healthier person by your own actions and your own words.
A sponsor will help you help your self to become healthier person in a slow healing process.
Why wouldn't anyone want a sponsor like this??

Smartie xx
Suppose my answer would be if I could have stopped gambling and got on with my life i would have been happy with that...

Compulsive gambling is a progressive illness and with that sometimes you need a progressive recovery and all the tools GA offers...
With sponsorship in mind...

I need the reminder...perhaps someone else reading this does too...

Any thoughts welcome

Smartie xx
Still amazes me when GA members who have been in the fellowship a while ask what a sponsor is.....

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