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Do i really need to go to meetings or can i do this?
woodsma1 Wrote:My Question is can this be done alone with will power and determination, the memories I have in my head im sure are enough to keep me away, I couldn't think of anything worse now than undoing 3 months of abstinence for a dirty little bet that I know would lead to disaster I cant take anymore I really have been through the mill but have admitted what I am a compulsive gambler and I understand that the only way forward for me is to cut ties with any form of gambling, I have had lots of temptation over the last 3 months and resisted all, I have completely changed my life style, got rid of my smart phone and got a basic one, blockers on all sites, banned myself from all local bookies, I feel a better person I wake up not with a clear head with only past disasters to cope with I know the future is bright without the dreaded bet I know I am done, I feel done I just want to move on and put all this behind me.
Im trying to put all this down whilst working so it probably isn't make sense to people trying to read it, what I am trying to say is do I really need to go to meetings and relive all of my past mistakes and listen to others dwell on there's, my fear is that I here stories of people in a worse position and I think to myself well im not that bad and get in to the frame of mind that if im not that bad I may aswel carry on and you know the thoughts of a compulsive gambler it doesn't take much.
I use this site as recovery, I read these stories and they help a lot and I don't have to get to involved as selfish as that sounds I just see going to a meeting as entering the world that I am trying to escape from.
Today I will not gamble, thanks for reading and anyone going through what I am and have I wish you all the best, my advice is use your memmories and things that are important to you to prevent you from placing that first bet.

Of course you don't have to go to meetings..completely up to you...
If you think you can manage on your own..enjoy life and take care

If however that doesn't work GA meetings and the simple programme GA offers is there for you.
It may help you to read the New to GA link on the Main GA page as your description of what happens in a GA meeting is a little inaccurate and attending meetings is only the tip of the iceberg of the help GA offers.

All the best Smartie
The majority of people here who are being successful with their recovery go to meetings. Meetings are one of the key parts of Gamblers Anonymous.

I am sure you will find many people who come to this forum who could share their experiences of failure before they started attending meetings, I hear this sort of thing all the time.

Maybe you are in the wrong place (i.e. in the wrong forum/website), after all you wouldn't go to an e.g. Audi enthusiasts forum and ask questions about Ford cars, you probably wouldn't get much of a conversation going.

I think your perception of GA and its meetings is wrong.

Just saying

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)
woodsma1 Wrote:I am doing really well on my own and I am 100% sure this can be done without the aid of meetings however you perceived our responses you now have you answer that your 100% sure you can do this.

All the best and have a great life

Smartie xx
Rather than plucking just one part out of my reply rather than taking it into context in its entirety you would see what I meant. The car forum part was merely used as an example to try and make things simpler for you to understand as you clearly do not understand the concept of GA and its meetings. However, when in the grips of this addiction it is an easy thing to do.

The main crux of GA is meetings, everything about the Fellowship evolves around meetings and unity. It also has a program of recovery which is best done with others rather than alone. There are many websites/forums out there that do not use the same principles as GA, they would probably be more suited to you if you are looking to try to get better without the aid of meetings.

I know you would not see it but coming to a forum where you know that the main concept of the organisation is meetings and then asking for advice on how to abstain without those meetings is 'patronising' in itself.

I am in no way trying to be critical or rude. You did ask for help though. Anyone that visits this forum can only pass on their own experience as no-one here is remotely qualified to give 'advice'. I tried many different ways to stop gambling over the years (just like many others), I tried to do it MY WAY but all it did was allowed me to dig darker holes and brought me to the doors of a GA room. The only way I could stop was to do this a different way, the GA way. And, although I too was reluctant at first to attend meetings, it was something I had to do and still do to this day over 7 years later. There is no coincidence that I haven't gambled all that time.

The fact that GA and its meetings were the only way I could manage to kick this addiction make me very defensive of it. In a meeting there is much more than war stories and stopping gambling that help me deal with life on a daily basis rather than hiding in the form of gambling.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)

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