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Still gambles but it's 'under control'

This sounds very familiar, but I cannot speak for someone I have never met and only he himself knows how severe the problem is.

There are many different types of gamblers, many problem gamblers can go back to gambling sensibly, however, compulsive gamblers like myself and the majority of members in GA cannot. Before I admitted to myself the actual reality of my actions I would convince myself and those around me that I could easilyy get it under control. I couldn't face up to the fact that I was an addict until things got to breaking point. And, I don't mean getting found out, I mean shear breaking point within me.

Until that happened I would lie and manipulate everyone around me without care or concern of the consequences.

When I gamble I don't do it like others, I am compulsive, I have to do it over and over and over again. I don't stop (or I don't want to). Whether I am winning or losing all I want to do is be in action. Any compulsive gambler can relate to this fact.

I cannot tell you if your fella is a compulsive gambler like me, but knowing what I am capable of when I am in action, you have every right to be concerned and on your guard.

The only way I can live a decent life is without gambling in my life, I have seen so many lives ruined from it. I don't know any compulsive gamblers (in action) who are truly happy.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)

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