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2ND Day - 10th Attempt
Hello Freddie

Read the other forum posts...Including 'tools that help me stop gambling'...maybe even reply to a post or others??

Whenever I need help I refer to the back of the orange book (q and a). It mentions some advice that I try and work to the best of my own ability.

The first one is attend as many meetings as possible per week. When I first attended I only went to one per week as that was the only one local to me. I was reluctant to travel to meetings as I thought one meeting was enough or wasn't prepared to impact on the rest of my life.

However I remind myself that unless I take my recovery as seriously as the addiction nothings going to change, so I now en devour to attend at least one meeting a week but more often than not two if not three. Yes there is a cost but when I compare that cost to the price of returning to gambling it seems a small price to pay.

Any questions just ask...
Smartie xx

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