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Read if you are struggling - then get to a meeting
Hi Mark

Well done and thanks for posting. I don't know what it is about sharing ones' experience, it certainly gives me a sort of inner sense of well-being. But, the only shares that matter are the ones that are written down. There are potentially millions of stories out there but unless they are shared with others they merely go to waste. All that experience that others will not learn or be able to relate to.

If people didn't share in meetings then what would the meetings be like? I certainly wouldn't have been able to learn what I have about my addiction over the years. The same goes for this forum, it relies upon people sharing, so thanks again for deciding to share something with us.

I hope you continue with GA for a long time and work the 12 Steps on a regular basis. Life will only get better.

Keep telling your story mate and never forget what brought you to your knees. Complacency is our addictions' 'trump card'.

Big Dave
Have you read the 'new to ga' link on the main ga page?........... explains about ga and how it can help?

Keep enjoying your 12 step GA recovery Mark..

In unity
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