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I have slipped again, i need some serious help

Unfortunately your story is very common. If you are serious about giving up then get yourself back to a GA meeting immediately. This time go with an open mind and keep it open. Do what is suggested to you....more than one meeting a week, phone other members, practice the 12 Steps program, get a sponsor, etc, etc...

Also, one thing that helped me was to stop lying to myself and others. You can never have a fresh start if there are 'skeletons in the closet' and people are kept in the dark about this damaging illness. Lying just leaves the door open to have another sneaky bet. And, don't ever think that you have reached 'rock bottom' because take it from me, however deep you dig a hole, I guarantee you can dig a deeper one if you don't stop gambling. It is a PROGRESSIVE illness. So, if you don't want to feel greater pain than you are feeling right now take heed of the suggestions that are freely mentioned in any GA meeting and written in GA literature.

Big Dave

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