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Todays the day
Hello Tom,

Have you read the 'new to ga' link on the main ga page?........... explains about ga and how it can help?

Lots and lots of help in GA..if you want it...

Maybe check out your nearest meeting some time?

Choice is yours if you have the desire to stop gambling

Smartie xx
Hi Tom,

I'm 19 and same problem, i'm new here so hoping I can stop, it is same for me, i won a fair amount of money then lost it all in minutes and I was fine till hour later where i hated myself and was in bits, didn't know what to do with my self as that money would've paid off so many little bits and pieces, lets hope we both stop now for good.
Mr1204 Wrote:Ive learnt its all about choices, you choice whether or not to go into the bookies an bet or how ever you bet but for us gamblers its the hardest..

do I choose if i get compulsive gambling illness?
do i choose if i get cancer?

but like both illnesses, i can choose how i deal with them..
positively or negatively...

that's why i go to GA on a regular basis and work the 12 steps recovery programme daily..
in unity
Smartie xx

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