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in a bad situation
im 34 years old and have been gambling roughly about 18 years now and have lost thousands over the years, ive tried giving up several times over the years but never lasted more than a few weeks. I desparately want to stop but have got myself so much in debt that I cant see anyway out, can anybody give me some advice please
Well Kojac

Welcome for starters and well done for coming into the chat area as well..

Hopefully you have an understanding of how GA works now...

If not more information on the Main GA well as all the meetings in the England and Wales

The best advice I was given was give GA time to help me....not just one meeting or one step session, but time for GA to make a difference and for me to put in the hard work...

Any questions just ask...

Smartie xx
Thanks for the info/advice, I already feel a lot better and positive about giving up for good knowing there are others out there in similar situation and having people there to talk to

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