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I have destroyed my life through gambling
Well done on the meeting.. Hope you keep going and putting in the daily effort.
What i know is when I work the GA program it works...when i don't...different things happen

Keep it touch
Smartie xx
It's Ivor from the meeting the other night just thought I would say hello. I can remember the first time I went to a meeting and hating every minute of it. I went because it was something I was forced into. I think your motives are different and more out of where else to turn to. I wish in some twisted way I am where you are now, and maybe it might not have taken me 10 years of trying and failing and not fully understanding the obvious difference between abstinence and recovery.
I do actually think the other people at the meeting are articulate and intelligent and the advice you were given was good and well intentioned.
One day at a time , use the phone list if you want to, don't put pressure on your self, share your anxiety with people who will empathise with your worries. Hope to see you next week.
Hi James
Hope your well, was a good meeting tonight sorry you weren't there and really not my business unless it's false pride. If you haven't managed to abstain you won't be the first and we will be there when your ready to try again.
In serenity and unity
Yes it won't be a problem. Stockport do Friday in romiley
Cheadle Heath Sunday, manchester do , mon tue, thur fri and sat lunch.

Just keep giving it a go , i have seen it work for so many people , the thing I have heard the most in GA over the last 10 years is that meetings make the difference. I didn't believe it at first but am convinced now.
Unity and serenity. Both are achievable if you attend meetings
All the best

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