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I am surprised that few people are aware of 50th Birthday
I found out about 50th Birthday from a person in Vancouver.
I have paid for the convention 5 - 7 September 2014.
I am traveling from Calgary Canada to Basildon Essex to be there to share my journey.
I first attended GA back in 1969 and never fully appreciated how the spiritual recovery program would change my life for the healthier.
It is very important that people question and learn to understand how the recovery program works.
I no longer want to live in fear any more.
Understanding my emotional triggers from step one were a slow learning curve.
Step one was something I needed to grasp and understand fully.
Step one acceptance surrender and life being unmanageable.
Acceptance that due to ways of escaping life and people each time I gambled I made thing much worse, at no time did gambling improve my life in any way.
Surrender that all the time I was consumed by my addictions I was beating myself up and causing myself emotional pain time and time again, that all the time I gambled I could not win and that I was becoming more and more of a loser.
Life being unmanageable
Was all about my emotional triggers, pains I could not or would not heal, I just got in the unhealthy habit of burying and suppressing my pains not healing them.
Fears I was not able to identify or willing to face.
Frustrations due to my unreasonable expectations of life and people. My unreasonable expectations caused me a lot of pain from a very early age.
Loneliness due to two things abandonment issues from my child hood and fears that caused me to isolate myself and I was able to have emotional intimacy with other people.
Boredom due to the fact I was not able to put all my effort in to things outside of my work life, I had in fact become a stunted with regards not taking on new challenges in my life.
Gambling was risk taking, gambling for me was an adrenaline rush, the bigger the risk the bigger the buzz, yet I was self destructing myself and my family.
Gambling for me was growing to not care about myself or other people.
GA is a fantastic organisation that saves lives....but not everyone wants to know that....

Many just want to walk in the room, grab their fix and walk out...

That's fine if that's what they want....but that's not what GA's about...

Our primary purpose is to stop our gambling and to help other compulsive gamblers do the same.

Thanks for reminding me Dave...

In unity
Smartie xx

The spiritual recovery program helps people get healthy once more.

Sadly people do not stick it long enough to learn and experience big changes in their life.

True recovery only started for me once I abstained from unhealthy living in every way.

Regards Dave

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