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Why bother
Why bother?
Why not allow yourself to lose your, pride , dignity, hope, wife, family, friends, happiness,
Why not have so little self respect you are willing to end your life
Why not believe that no one can help you that your at the lowest place you have ever been , only to continue to go to lower places
Why not be the shell of a person lacking spiritual belief, whose mundane existence is now the only reality you know
Why not .... Because you don't have to. I have let gambling take me to all of the above , but no more. With the continued support of GA members and my inner belief that I can be a better person , who can recover and help others to do the same.
It took me far to long to realise what I can achieve , 10 years attending GA before the penny dropped, but now life is good and getting better , I don't believe in god but I now have a strong belief in me, that I can make small differences in my life on a regular basis that have a ripple effect on a pond that will effect the lives of others in a small but positive way. That is why we are here.
Strength, serenity, unity to all those that can access the wisdom of the rooms and clarity to those who have yet to find there way to a better life in recovery.
All the best
True Ivor

GA offers me a program that I work to the best of my ability..
Its not a religious program...its a spiritual one....(Honesty, open mindedness and a willingness to change)

Keep working it...
In unity
Smartie xx

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