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recovery...abstinence....knowing the difference...
Thanks for your thought provoking post. The difference between abstinence and recovery is very simple in definition but sometimes so hard to find in practice . For the first time I have found the difference that works for me after years of ignorance , i want to enjoy life and be a better person by making decisions that work towards this goal. When I write this down or tell close friends it's seems so simple, as supported by their facial expressions.
Which gets me to the question you ask, a simple answer but maybe harder to understand , you are the person you have become through the effort you have put into your recovery.
Unity and serenity , i love that phrase.
Cheers Barrie

All you've said its why GA has the GA recovery program...
that DAILY inventory that helps me to reflect and try to appreciate what's going on...

thanks for the reminder...
In unity
Smartie xx

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