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smiler Wrote:
smartie Wrote:Hello Smiler

In my group there are always jobs that need to be done from greeting new members to helping sponsor people....
At regional and national level too lots of help is needed...

Maybe check out when your next regional meeting is?
Smartie xx
Hello Smartie, if you are willing to post me some information via this site on how to apply to help others in a more meaningful way who are serious about quitting Gambling then I would be happy to follow that up. I would like to become a sponsor for someone who lives on the south coast so if any of you are interested then just send a reply.

BigDave Wrote:After 10 years in GA I am quite surprised you are not aware of the many ways you can give back in the Fellowship. Especially at the Havant meeting, as the current Trustee I believe goes to that meeting.

Either ask at your local meeting or at your Regional meeting.

Big Dave (Uxbridge/Eastcote)

Hello Smiler
Yes GA has a program of recovery...but its down to the people in the group to offer it to the next person who wants the help....and in my experience there's a lot more of those people who don't want the help GA offers....

So how does someone go about becoming a sponsor in GA? Normally they get asked or offer their help in a meeting? Have you tried that? What i do is offer them a copy of the be a sponsor booklet and then arrange to have a further chat with them once they've read it and we take it from there....

But what does a person do if no-one wants sponsoring in your GA group? Well i keep reminding them its on offer...make sure you have a stock of Be a sponsor booklets available and lead by example....Even if someone doesn't want your help formally they may learn from how your leading your life....I've certainly learnt that way from many a GA member and still do...

Hope this helps...but feel free to pm me smiler if you'd like to chat....
In unity
Smartie xx

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