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Big Question smiler...and one that many will disagree with...

Compulsive gambling is recognised as an addiction...same as alcoholism or narcotics addiction....

GA's stance is that it is an illness which can never be cured but can be arrested....

My very personal opinion is that I didn't ask for this illness...
I don't want it...
Yet its a part of me on a daily basis...
I feel i have a predisposition to gambling as it has an incredible hold on me...

What i do know is nature or nurture i have a choice if I accept gambling addiction has got a hold of my life...
What I do with that choice on a daily basis I feel is what either makes me better (accepting GA and the 12 steps) or trying to stop on my own (which has never worked for me)

Today I chose GA and all the help that goes with it...

Maybe this could be the start of a learning journey for you Smiler...but just be careful...not all information is good...give it some thought...

Smartie xx
I do not agree that this is so important just like I don't think it is necessary for anyone to trying to analyze and search for the cause of their gambling. However, I do believe that 'compulsiveness' is something that someone is born with. If it were learnt behavior then it could be unlearnt, thus there would potentially be a cure to this illness.

I will always be a compulsive person just like I will always be a compulsive gambler. But, by adhering to the guidance I get from GA, allowing the recovery program into my life and working it avidly, I am able to cope without the need to escape. Thus reducing my need for compulsive behavior.

Big Dave (Uxbridge/Eastcote)
I personally try not to comment on every post, I give enough time back to GA and it's members as it is. However, due to the nature of one of my roles within GA I am on this forum often.

I certainly don't know everything and I do not claim to, but I do know a fair bit!

Big Dave (Uxbridge/Eastcote)

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