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Just don't know what to do
Ross Wrote:I just want to go back to the times when I had everything and wouldn't think about gambling

Hello Ross
Well I wish you the best on that!!
Something i've not yet achieved...but my life is very different in GA and the recovery program...

Perhaps you could check out your nearest GA meeting?? Only requirement is a desire to stop gambling...

That's what helps me...but its not easy....

In unity
Smartie xx
'If you sit in the barber shop long enough you're gonna get a hair cut'

Just a saying that often floats around peoples therapies in GA.

We are advised in GA not to tempt or test ourselves, as Nigel just mentioned, willpower just don't cut it. Mine certainly never. It didn't for 24 years that I was 'in action' so I would be a fool to think that just because I have stopped gambling I could rely upon it now. I would expect this would apply to you too.

The bookmakers is a place to gamble, you should not be in there. Regardless of the fact that your friends are there. If you are in fact a compulsive gambler and are serious about stopping you should not be in the very place that it occurs.

Now your 'love affair' with gambling has stopped. It's a difficult one to let go of but it has to happen. This is why we go to meetings, the get support and guidance to enable us to cope. Don't "intend to go to a meeting soon" GO! Addicts are the masters of procrastination.

Big Dave (Uxbridge/Eastcote)

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