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Sometimes meetings do not go as expected..
Hi Barrie

In some peoples eyes it is gambling. However, the subject of fantasy football is a common one, it comes up in most meetings every year or two. It's in the same category as all the others i.e. being self employed, a pub quiz, crossing the road, "I don't need an umbrella today, it won't rain!", etc... There is risk in almost everything we do.

I don't believe fantasy football is gambling, nor do I believe is a game of killer pool, or participating in a school raffle or tombola, or even being in a pub quiz, but I have to draw the line somewhere. I know where my gambling took me and I cannot allow myself to even come close to having a bet again. I adhere to the GA way and that is not having a bet on anything and, just to be safe, I don't do the things that are in the grey area either, just to be sure I don't get sucked back in.

I suppose you have to look at what anyone would see as the act of gambling too as this is what compulsive gamblers are addicted to. As we should already know, it isn't about the money. It states quite clearly at the bottom of page 7 of the GA orange book "it includes playing a game for table stakes", table stakes do not necessarily mean money. It is the act of gambling that I mostly steer clear of.

Recovering from this illness I must learn to live life without the need to escape. Therefore anything that I do that allows me to escape is potentially damaging to my recovery and could me point back in the wrong direction.

Vigilance is the key.

Big Dave (Uxbridge/Eastcote)

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